Kris Kobach (R-KS)

Kobach Advocated For “A True Nationwide Policy Of Self-Deportation.” According to Salon, “If Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has his way, Mitt Romney’s first term as president will see the largest forced exodus of people from the United States since the mid-1950s. Kobach, an adviser to the Romney campaign on immigration policy, is also the chief legal architect of a long-standing conservative campaign to stop the influx of undocumented immigrants, primarily from Mexico and Central America, who come to America to work. ‘If we had a true nationwide policy of self-deportation, I believe we would see our illegal alien population cut in half at a minimum very quickly,’ Kobach told Salon in a recent intervew. With an estimated 11 million undocumented residents in the country, Kobach is hoping to force 5.5 million people to leave the country by 2016.” [Salon, 2/22/12]

Kobach Wrote S.B. 1070, The Controversial Arizona Immigration Law. According to Salon, “As general counsel for the legal arm of the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR) from 2004 to 2010, Kobach authored a number of state and local laws intended to discourage illegal immigration. He wrote S.B.1070, the Arizona’s controversial law designed to identify and deport illegal aliens, a measure which has been partially blocked by a lawsuit brought by the Justice Department.The law is strongly supported by Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, the finger-wagging foe of President Obama.” [Salon, 2/22/12]