Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA)

Cuccinelli Compared Immigration Policy To Pest Control And Rat Extermination, Declared That Washington D.C.’s Pest Control Policy Was “Worse Than Our Immigration Policy” Because “You Can’t Break Up Rat Families.” According to the Huffington Post, “Cuccinelli made his strange remark during a radio interview in 2012. Speaking on the conservative radio show ‘The Morning Majority,’ the attorney general launched into a critique of Washington, D.C.’s pest control policies, which he claimed protected rats from being killed. ‘They have to relocate the rats. And, not only that, that’s actually not the worst part, they cannot break up the families of the rats!’ Cuccinelli said, incorrectly suggesting that the District’s 2010 Wildlife Protection Act forced pest control specialists to dump them across the river in Virginia. Cuccinelli then made his comparison. ‘So, anyway, it is worse than our immigration policy,’ he said. ‘You can’t break up rat families. Or raccoons, and all the rest, and you can’t even kill ‘em. Its unbelievable.’“ [Huffington Post, 7/26/13]