Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

Sen. Jeff Sessions Once Stated That “Almost No One Coming From The Dominican Republic…Is Coming Because They Have A Skill That Would Benefit Us.” According to the New York Times, “But in Mr. Sessions, they face an opponent with experience, one who reminds his staff every day that passage of immigration legislation was supposed to be inevitable in 2006 as well, and even more so in 2007. His tactics are the same as they were back then: organize the opposition, break down the bill section by section, raise questions over every aspect of it, slow progress on the floor to a crawl through procedural objections and a flurry of amendments, and hope that in the light of day a conservative backlash will crush final passage. […] He has largely kept his language in check. Gone are statements like the one in a May 2006 floor speech, when he declared, “Fundamentally, almost no one coming from the Dominican Republic to the United States is coming because they have a skill that would benefit us and that would indicate their likely success in our society.” [New York Times, 7/25/13]